About Us

Innovations that move us forward

A brand synonymous to quality since 1986...

J. S. Auto (P) Ltd. is a major corporate entity of considerable repute having a market penetration across the country, along with some major Asian markets. Like most successful business entities, we embarked on our journey with modest beginning - as a small unit in Kanpur. With time, tremendous hard work, consistent focus & dedication towards quality as well as affordability this small unit transformed into one of the most successful companies in its arena. Over the passage of time, we have strived to keep our responsibility towards developing the best products and rendering the most reliable services by winning respect & trust of our valued customers. We expanded our product range gradually & ventured into new horizons, achieving success in all of them.

Today, we are forerunners in the industry , holding ISO 9001:2008 certifications by UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) & are known as acclaimed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of renowned JSA Three Wheelers (Diesel and CNG Models).

The product range comprises of Precision Sheet Metal Items, Fabricated Deep Drawn Items, Fabricated Items, Tubular & Tubular Fabricated Items, Machined Items with Close Tolerance, Assemblies & Shock Absorbers, etc.

Entirely, our product range is most extensive and is designed to provide appropriate solutions to varied kinds of three wheelers and for other applications as well.

At J. S. Auto (P) Ltd. We believe in striving towards perfection and persistent improvement. Our continual efforts endeavour to serve customers through fair and transparent business ethics.

Besides, we have further developed our initial product lines and enriched them with novel products, keeping abreast of technological advancements with the passage of time.

Our Quality

We aim to provide the best quality Three Wheelers and other products and services and thus, win the complete satisfaction of our valued clients. At J. S. Auto (P) Ltd., we have set clear organizational objectives based upon a stringent quality management system. Quality policies are upgraded regularly to achieve continual improvement in every area of our activities.

During the production process, each and every product passes through different stages of testing against ISO and other internationally recognized quality norms. Raw materials are procured from the most reliable sources and cutting edge technology is applied in the production process. This kind of extensive quality control operations ensure flawless quality of our finished products like Three Wheelers, etc. and clients' satisfaction as well.

Our Strength

As a veteran and dynamic company coming through glorious phases of development for over a period of 23 years, we have built up a gigantic infrastructural base for ourselves brick by brick. And today, it is our greatest strength which endows our business with stability and enables us to perform our activities with excellence. At present, our captive factory is loaded with all the latest machinery and we use cutting edge technology to face the challenges of modern three wheeler and other industry needs.

We also have highly equipped facilities for quality testing and R&D, empowering us to perform the whole required operations under one roof. Besides a world class infrastructure, our company also vouches for its highly efficient and committed team of professionals which is the life force of our business.


J.S. Auto (P) Ltd. is an innovative team focused on empowering our customers to achieve their business objectives, do their jobs and complete their tasks safely and efficiently, and enjoy their adventures. We accomplish this by engineering, crafting, and delivering premium highly specialized vehicles and corresponding services at a competitive price. This value-based approach inspires customer enthusiasm and loyalty. This drives long-term profitable growth and a sense of personal achievement for all stakeholders.

Honesty & Integrity

JSA’s road to success is paved with the honesty and integrity of our people. How we interact with team members, partners, customers, vendors, and others reflects directly on our company and who we are as people. We owe it to our shareholders, our brand, and ourselves to behave ethically, to be upfront with those we work with, and to be proud of what we’re building together.


We must trust one another to do what’s right, alert others when something is wrong, and push to continuously improve our product, process, and our company. Being trustworthy earns us the right to speak our minds and do what’s best for the business, our customers, and our shareholders, without questioning our integrity.


The road to a better JSA runs through you. That means accepting responsibility for your actions, your performance and outcomes, and expecting the same from other team members. Passing the buck, ignoring problems, or turning a blind eye to issues or inconsistencies doesn’t help you, co-workers, or our company.


The road to continuous improvement relies on individuals with specific roles that work together to make our end product and our company’s path forward the best it can be. Always asking how we can make the performance of our department, our lines, and ourselves more effective. Let’s work every day to ensure that JSA delivers products that pave the way to better rescues, better adventures, and better efficiencies for those we serve.